Your Daily Cry: Laura Prepon Goes to the Dark Side

12/16/2013 6:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Guys, it's finally happened -- Laura Prepon has immersed herself fully in Scientology dyed her gorgeous red hair a completely unappealing shade of brunette-or-black and it's not good -- not good at all. 

The pictures above are from the Scientology Celebrity Centre's Christmas party, which was held in Los Angeles this past weekend, and yes, the photo on the right shows Hot Donna dressed up as a damn battery, and no -- I don't get it, either. 

Laura has been recently linked to Tom Cruise -- though Tom's rep has nixed any romantic affiliation, despite the fact that they were spotted having dinner in L.A. last month. 

What kind of heartbreak is next, Laura? The hair, the choice of dinner companions ... what is even happening to you? 

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