Don't Hold Out for That Honorary Literature Degree Yet, Kim Kardashian

12/17/2013 4:00 PM PST, by
Kim Kardashian
is truly something else, and you can take that in whatever way you need to take it. If you're a little unclear on your feelings about Kim right at the moment though, take a look at this little Q&A she just did. Keep in mind that she answered these questions herself, that she was at her computer, typing out the answers, while her fans or whatever were typing out the questions. This is all Kim, you guys. Take it in.

On following your dreams:

I've always loved working. i knew I always loved clothes, so 1st started selling & buying clothes on eBay, worked at a clothing store, then started styling, then opened a store, now my own clothing line. I did whatever I could to learn about what I was passionate about. I would say figure out what you love to do, and find a way to make it a career.

On tattoos: 

no. I've had no desire and would never get one.

On staying humble: 

you have to stay humble, no matter what, as easily as its given to you, it can be taken away, always be greatful for the opppotunitits that come your way

On being in front of cameras constantly: 

was i was pregnant it was hard. my face shapped changed my body changed and nothing in the tabloids were going to be nice. i t was a negtive time

Tips for new moms: 

never lose time for u. go to the gym, get a facial, or manicure to feel goo so u can go home and be a good happy mom at home

On being a mother: 

it completely changed my life. you have a different set of proprieties .nothing matters except you r brand new family

She's basically an American treasure at this point, right? Bless her heart.

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