Smells Like BS in Here

12/18/2013 6:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Kim Kardashian's face is not only different from her face back in '06, it's shockingly different -- and it took one single close-up to really seal the deal that it looks, smells, and sounds like a whole bunch of BS basically anytime Kim opens her mouth to say the words "all-natural." 

The photo on the left is Kim's face up in '06, back when Paris Hilton and Ray-J were the only people on the planet to give a crap about her existence. The photo on the right was taken earlier this week, and as you can see, the distinct difference -- especially in the nose, mouth, forehead, and FACE area -- is staggering. 

Keep talking, Kim. I hear it does wonders for overdeveloped jaw muscles. 

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