Hey, So Britney Really Turned it Around After All This Time, Huh?

12/19/2013 3:30 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
For someone who had a rough time of it in her 20s, Britney Spears sure has turned it around for her 30s. 

Britney, who just turned 32 earlier this month, posted this picture last night and she looks gorgeous, happy, in the zone, and ... and did we say gorgeous? Because this is one beautiful photo. 

Britney posted the photo to her Instagram account, saying, "Sometimes you just wanna go old school and WRITE instead of type :) Who else agrees?! #IAmBritneyJean #BehindTheScenes #ITypedThis" 

Looking good, girl -- here's to 32 more years that are like the last 3 or so!
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