Henry Rollins Is Officially Cooler Than Everyone

12/24/2013 11:30 AM PST, by
We don't really talk much about Henry Rollins here, because, you know, Henry doesn't twerk and he doesn't wear stupid things or say stupid things. No, Henry is off on his own separate level of coolness, being wonderful and smart and, well, super dang cool. But he recently did a little interview with Rolling Stone, and he discussed all the twerking and the saying of stupid things, and goodness, you guys, he's still pretty much perfect.

On Daft Punk:

"I've never heard Daft Punk; I've never heard a track of theirs in my life. They're the two guys with motorcycle helmets on? You know what, you will take this any way you will. That to me is like Rolling Stone music. It's the shit that's in your magazine. And it's like, that world. . .  I'm so glad that you all have found your people, but that world is so alienating to me. Anything that gets on the Grammys or the American Music Awards. . .  like, was Miley Cyrus on the cover of your magazine? Yeah, see, I like real music. John Coltrane's my favorite musician, what am I doing reading Rolling Stone? You know what I mean?"

More on Miley:

"She's part of that bigger world of music I was just talking about. All of it to me is like, long may it wave, I don't have anything against anyone doing their thing, but it's just not for me. And Robin Thicke, is that the guy? I have no idea what he sounds like. I've never heard Kelly Clarkson, I just, I live in a different musical world."

On the magic of David Bowie:

"I finally, forensically listened to the new David Bowie record. I put in a pair of good earphones and really sat down with that record on a day off. It's way better than I thought it was the first time around. I don't know why he uses those heavy-handed studio drummers for everything, but the songs are pretty amazing lyrically and there's a lot of great backing vocals and some really smart overdubs. It took me a long time to get into modern David Bowie. I was such a fan. I got up really early this morning and listened to Station to Station and just went aw. Those records, those Bowie records to me are just about as good as a record can get."

Yes, Henry. Drop all your wisdom on us. We really do need it so. 
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