LeAnn Rimes' Abs Won the Whole Entire Year, Sorry

12/30/2013 9:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Man. Just when you thought that we might be able to get through the year -- the last hours of the year, mind you -- without praising LeAnn Rimes for one thing or another, she went and posted this unbelievable photo for the whole entire world to see, and it is unbelievable. Like, where did these abs even come from? Where? 

LeAnn took her business to Twitter, where it's apparent she's proud of that amazing stomach, and for good reason -- whatever she's been doing, it's obvious that she's been working hard at it. 

See? We're not all haterade for every one and their mother all the time, you know. Even the ones who most people think deserve the maximum amount of hate sometimes get a pass when crazy things like this happen. 

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