There Aren't Enough Sorries in the World to Fix Shia LaBeouf's Insufferable Douchiness

12/30/2013 1:00 PM PST, by
You know that thing where Shia LaBeouf is awful and annoying and basically the worst? Of course, because that's pretty much his whole thing, but what we're talking about specifically right now is the thing where he plagiarized Daniel Clowes' comic, the story, the script, images, everything, to make his short film. That's obviously terrible, but you want to know what's especially terrible? Shia is almost, almost as terrible at apologizing as he is at doing his own creative work. Which is to say, pretty darn terrible.

He did his big initial apology via Twitter on December 16th, when the news broke. He apologized again on the 18th, but starting then, he's tweeted at least one apology a day for the past 12 days. No, for real: Oh, Shia, stop. You're trying to make this better, but you're making this thing so, so much worse. Try just hushing for a while. Or, better yet, try not being a gigantic ass hat. That one could actually have some lasting results there, bud.

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