That Noise You Hear is Lindsay Lohan's Career Singing Its Swan Song

12/31/2013 5:30 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Hold onto your hats and your dashed resuscitated career hopes for Lindsay Lohan, friends, because this might just be what your old girl was referring to when she said she was "returning" to "music." 

The two photos were shared with Lindsay's Instagram followers with leading captions like "#majorlazer" -- an electronic DJ project created by legendary DJ Diplo -- and she's up on stage, guys. It's apparent that Lindsay Lohan is pretty keen to reenter her DJ days, possibly brought forth from a time when she dated a DJ, Samantha Ronson

Oh, Lindsay. We love you so much, and you really can return to the glory of what your career used to be -- "Mean Girls," "Rumors" ... it's all there within your grasp. Don't write your talent off yet, OK? 

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