Oh Look, Lady Gaga Still Stinks of Hypocrisy

1/2/2014 11:00 AM PST, by
What we have right here is a brand new Versace ad that Lady Gaga just shared with us on Twitter, set up next to a regular old selfie that she shared a little while back. Anybody notice anything different? No, of course, there's the difference between a professional photo shoot and a photo you take of yourself, but doesn't it look like she had just a little extra help looking different? Like perhaps she had a little help from her old friend, Photoshop?

So, uh, guess all that claptrap about being "born this way" was just a bunch of nonsense, huh? It's probably not that hard for her to promote self love and speak out against bullying when she can get a slimmer nose, plumper lips, and all kinds of other tiny little "fixes" in any photos she wants, right? Yep, what great messages to send to the millions of people who, for whatever reason, look up to her. Just great, great, great. 

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