Why We Need to Keep Talking About Tila Tequila

1/2/2014 9:00 AM PST
Listen: Tila Tequila's rise to "fame" or whatever is a silly, silly story, and no one is denying that. She got famous because of Myspace, reality shows, and getting harassed by a pack of Juggalos. But, just in case you forgot, she is also a human being, and she's a human being that truly, desperately needs some assistance. So before you start the "Tila Tequila WHO?" jokes, and before you start making fun, maybe reach down inside, find some compassion, and start from there.

Tila, much like Amanda Bynes, fell away from the public eye for a couple years, and came back with something quite a bit off. It was strange and uncomfortable at first, and sure, a few jokes were made, because sometimes it takes a while to see that someone has gone from wacky to ill. But after all of Amanda's wigs and arrests, and after Tila's rants about Hitler and parallel universes, something is obviously wrong. And if Amanda can get enough attention to get help, then what's the hold up with Tila?

Maybe this will help: Tila recently changed the layout of her blog so that you're greeted by a bunch of swastikas when you visit. She's also posting videos from "Level Five Earth" about going to different portals and realms, and being "awake" after dying seven times. Oh, and about taking down the New World Order:

And if that's not enough reason to worry, then try this out, this "spiritual guide" that she did:

Can we officially start taking this seriously now? Please? And if not, how serious does it need to get before someone actually starts to give a crap?
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