Miley Cyrus Really Might Be Twerking All Over Kellan Lutz!

1/3/2014 11:00 AM PST, by
It's been a few weeks since we heard the weird news that Miley Cyrus shared a private jet with Kellan Lutz, that beefy dumb dude from "Twilight," and a couple of things have happened since then. For one, they partied together a little (see that picture right there?), and for two, there's a brand new report that they actually are dating. It's casual, apparently, but still, it's a thing, according to E! News' sources.

What's happening is that -- get ready to cringe -- they are "an item," but Miley is said to be a whole lot more interested. "She likes him a lot" because "he is her type," probably because "there are a lot of similarities between Kellan and Liam," Miley's old fella. But Kellan, bless his heart, just isn't into all the attention he's been getting for this. Doesn't that just make you feel so bad for the guy? Why would he even have a reason to think that hooking up with Miley Cyrus would bring attention? 

Really though, this couple could actually work. Miley's real busy sticking her tongue out and trying to take over the world, so she could use a pretty, dull guy like Kellan to tag along. And Kellan's new movie, "The Legend of Hercules," is going to come out real soon, so he could use some of that attention he might not like so much. So what do you say, friends, should we go ahead and support this? Just for the fun of it?

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