Did Nicki Minaj Just Make the Best Choice of Her Life?

1/6/2014 8:00 AM PST, by
Guys, guys, look: Nicki Minaj just cut off all her hair! Or it looks like she did, anyway: she posted this photo yesterday on Instagram. If this is her actual hair, then good on her, because that would mean that she finally did one thing right in her whole entire life -- it looks SO GOOD. But if she didn't -- the quality of the photo is just so weird -- then what's even the point? Is she trying to start up some Miley Cyrus comparisons? Did she finally realize that no one was getting shocked by her boobs anymore?

Let's just hope and pray that this hair is real, OK? And if it's not, let's hope that Nicki has the good sense to either cut her hair for real or hush.

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