Kaley Cuoco's Sad Wedding: Now in Video!

1/7/2014 2:45 AM PST, by

Guys, look, we love Kaley Cuoco. We really, really do. We think she's fun and adorable and all the rest, but you can't deny that her lightning fast wedding and slightly sketchy husband doesn't make you a least a little sad. You can be happy for her, you can wish her all the best, but there's just no way that you can look at that dude and think "Yeah, this is a totally solid plan."

But right now, for this moment, we can focus on Kaley and her adorableness, because now we have this video from Kaley's wedding. You can see Kaley get ready beforehand (and learn all her makeup secrets, if you're into that), and you can see her lovely dress in motion. You can even see a tiny bit of the wedding, which is admittedly kind of precious. Does it still count as precious if she seems to be ... well, maybe a little drunk instead of naturally excited? You be the judge!

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