Lindsay Lohan is Looking INCREDIBLE

1/7/2014 9:00 AM PST, by
Oh, friends, do you remember the Lindsay Lohan of just a few short years ago, that bleached blonde mess with the crazy lip injections and the sad, empty stare? Of course you do, because that girl will haunt our souls for as long as we live. But it'll be all right, because now we have the Lindsay Lohan of 2014, the Lindsay Lohan with the gorgeous red hair, the natural lips, and that lovely, healthy glow. As a bonus, she's also got some pretty hot fashion going on. Doesn't it just make your heart sing?

These photos are of Lindsay from the Sohu Fashion Achievement Awards last night in Shanghai. She won an award and everything, isn't that sweet? But the details aren't really important here, not when it's pretty impressive that this girl even has a career these days. Let's just be so happy that she looks so great, OK? Let's just do that.

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