It Just Gets More and More Ridiculous With This Chick

1/8/2014 1:00 PM PST, by

Hey guys, just checking in to see if you wanted to spend a good portion of your day feeling uncomfortable and sad about Farrah Abraham. No? Well, let's do it anyway. 

As you can see, Farrah posted yet another Keek video, this time discussing the People's Choice Awards, which air tonight. And sorry, but what is even the point? No, no, it's totally fine, obviously, if she wants to discuss some awards show, but the way she's talking about it -- she's SO NERVOUS, you guys -- and the way she keeps tweeting about it just makes it sad and desperate and weird. She's not nominated for an award, and she's not presenting anything (unless there's some super secret surprise we don't know about), so all this discussion just makes it seem like she's trying so hard to get some attention. Like, see everybody? Farrah can do awards show coverage too. Please give Farrah a job. Please.

Nice try, girl, but this probably isn't your forte. Maybe see if someone can pay you to just be dumb or something? Perhaps you could just explore that?
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