Hell Hath No Fury Like A Farrah Abraham Scorned

1/10/2014 3:00 PM PST, by
You know how Farrah Abraham is usually so happy and cheerful and simple? Well, not today, friends. No, today, Farrah is furious. Because of feelings. Bless her heart, y'all: She also tweeted something "to all the women who are diverse," which was to keep being amazing and live up to your potential," but we can't show you the actual tweet because she used the naughty hashtag "#F---IgnorantPeople," followed up by the hashtag "#ThankThem," because that makes sense.

And just in case her fury wasn't obvious in her tweets, she also made a whole Keek about. Be careful though, because she uses even more naughty words:

To recap, she hates the other people on "Couples Therapy" and thinks they need to be "more better role models." You know, like her. That makes perfect sense, right? After all, Farrah is perfect.

Girl please.
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