Jennifer Lawrence is Finally a Jackass

1/12/2014 8:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Don't get us wrong -- Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely beautiful and thoughtful and wonderful, and one of our most favorite celebrities in all of Hollywood, but even the most beautiful, thoughtful, wonderful folks sometimes misspeak.

That being said, when we say "Jennifer Lawrence is finally a jackass," it's based solely on what she recently -- and thoughtlessly -- said about Christian Bale and his heavier physique while filming "American Hustle," a movie wherein he gained around 40 pounds to play the role of Jennifer's husband: 

"I finally get to make out with Christian Bale and he's a really fat guy. ... He's Fatman, not Batman." 
While the sentiments are, indeed, true in a manner of speaking -- Bale was definitely pretty fit when he played Batman, and kind of flabby when he played the role in "American Hustle" -- it's still pretty rude.

Yeah, Christian gained the weight for a movie, but let's play the Devil's Advocate game here and think about what the fallout would be like if it was Jennifer who had to pork up for the role, and it was Christian -- a man --  who said that it was pretty disappointing to make out with a plump Jennifer Lawrence instead. Would it be OK then if Christian said, "Man, I get to suck face with Jennifer Lawrence and, darn my luck, she's a fatty."

Seriously, who even says that? Jennifer's been a champion against super skinny Hollywood for some time now, and though what she said doesn't make her a bad person, clearly, maybe a little thought before the mouth opens and the foot automatically heads toward the orifice should be happening a little bit more.

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