Miley Might Be a Lot of Things, But She's Sure Not Ugly

1/12/2014 11:15 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Miley Cyrus
Today is one of those days, friends, where we have to go and side with Miley Cyrus about something, and if you're not a Miley Cyrus supporter, then this would be the time to turn your eyes upon something else. Or, you know, not, because it's about to get pretty interesting in here. 

Miley took to her social media network of choice yesterday to proclaim how much she hates the "u" word -- and that "u" word is "ugly," and not "upstaged," because Miley probably doesn't even know what that means, nor is it "urbane," because ... well, that's self-explanatory. 

That above -- hilarious --tooth photo aside, of course, how about this as a sane suggestion: can we seriously just stop calling people ugly, for God's sake? Honestly -- enough. Just because you aren't finding yourself wholly attracted to another person -- or you have some kind of petty hangup about them -- it does not make them ugly, for crying out loud. It's maddening. STOP.

You know what's even more maddening? That we had to go and stick up for Miley Cyrus. This is what it's come to, friends. The absurdity of the general public has made us cry out against Miley Cyrus detractors, and you don't even know how that makes us feel.


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