Here, Gaze Uncomfortably Upon Emma Roberts' Engagement Ring

1/13/2014 3:00 PM PST, by
Oh look, you guys, Emma Roberts was showing off her brand new engagement ring last night at the Golden Globes! Isn't it so pretty?! She got it from her boyfriend -- now future husband, I guess -- Evan Peters, approximately six months after she got arrested for beating him up. So cute! What a funny story for the kids!

No, this is awful, of course. Just in case you forgot the details, Emma and Evan were fighting in a hotel room, someone called the police, and when the cops entered the room, Emma was arrested because Evan had a bloody nose and bite marks. They could have been both been in on the scuffle, because remember, Emma did have all those bruises on her legs, but Emma got arrested because Evan apparently got the worst of it. She stayed in jail for a little bit, but Evan refused to press charges. Isn't that just the kind of story that ends with "and they lived happily ever after"?

Look, the exact details don't matter, but this is a couple with a clear history of domestic violence, and now they're getting married. Let's not pretend like this is an awesome, happy situation, OK? We can hope that they worked on their problems, but it should be clear that they really don't need to be together.
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