Gabourey Sidibe Is The Absolute Greatest, The End

1/13/2014 11:00 AM PST, by
Hopefully you're all familiar already with Gabourey Sidibe and the intense magic she possesses, but if not, it's never too late to educate yourself. See, Gabourey is an exceptionally funny, intelligent lady, and when she heard that people were talking smack about her Golden Globes dress -- not even the dress, but the way it looked on her body, and really, not even the dress at all, just her body -- she had an exceptionally funny, intelligent comment on it: Now isn't that just the greatest thing you've ever seen? The people that criticize celebrities' bodies at these award shows take all the fun out of it for people who just want to sit down and talk about all the ridiculous fashion, and Gabourey took them all down a notch (or ten). She's a hero to us all, and we need to respect her as such.

Love you, girl!
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