Aaron Carter Is The Sweetest Boy Who Ever Lived

1/14/2014 12:00 PM PST, by
Don't you just love and adore and admire Aaron Carter and all the gifts he's given the world? Don't you wish him all the happiness in the world? Of course you do. And so this story is probably going to make you a little sad, because it's about Aaron hurting inside, but it's also probably going to make you smile a little, because it shows that darling, sweet nature we all know and love.

This whole thing started when the news broke about Hilary Duffsplitting up with her husband. Hilary Duff, as you surely remember, was one of Aaron's great loves, and here is a thing he tweeted that could very possibly be about the divorce: Bless his heart, right? But what happened next, that's where it starts to get sad. Because allegedly, some Hilary Duff superfan messaged Aaron on Twitter and told him that "Hilary is not going to get back with you," and he replied with "That's was really mean." Awwwww.

The world knows about this private conversation because the Hilary superfan tweeted screenshots of them, but she's since deleted them, so all we have are the transcripts. But here's what else he (allegedly!) said in the message:

Yea I'm cool. It's just I've been waiting for her for like half my life now.

It's just kinda sad because your right she might not ever give me a chance again. I can only pray and try to be a good man. That's itBanshee

And don't apologize it's cool I probably feared that.

"It's just I've been waiting for her for like half my life now," can you even stand it?! Now that sounds like a young man who has learned from his mistakes, a young man who is ready to right his wrongs. Can't Hilary find it in her heart to give him just one more chance? You know, after the divorce settles and all?
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