Love It or Leave It: Miley Cyrus Has Your Little Brother's Hair Circa 1989

1/15/2014 6:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Miley Cyrus sure has a thing for bowls of all sorts of types, huh? This is girlfriend's latest look, and to say that it's much better than looks of old would be a complete and utter bowl-shaped lie. A bowl of lies, if you will. 

Verdict: Leave it. Miley's cute enough to basically pull most things off, but not this. Unless, of course, "this" happens to be a wig, and in that case, she should pull the damn thing off, and throw it into a compost pile where we can watch it deteriorate and disintegrate for the rest of our time on this earth, should we decide to spend our remaining years that way. 

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