Love It or Leave It: Tyra Banks Has Definitely, Definitely Still Got It

1/15/2014 4:30 PM PST, by
Can you believe that it's nearly been 25 whole years since the world as a whole learned about the delightful beauty that is Tyra Banks? It hardly seems like we deserve such a treat! Especially when you catch a glimpse of how Tyra is looking these days -- that's a photo of our girl from just last night at an NBC event -- and you realize that she has been looking outrageously amazing for the entire time she's been in the spotlight. And sure, she's had a few bumps along the road, she's been more than ridiculous more than a few times, but I'll be darned if this lady can't pull off a little black dress better than everyone that's ever existed.

Verdict: love it. Did you even look at her? There is nothing to even consider leaving. Unless you start to consider what could be going on up in that head of hers.

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