Oh, Good: Miley Cyrus is Free to Twerk All Over Your Junk Now

1/16/2014 2:00 PM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Dust off your hankies and blow the old, crusty boogies out of them or whatever, because Miley Cyrus' alleged relationship with Kellan Lutz is allegedly over. Those are a lot of allegations, but imagine how much alleged sex these two probably had in the short weeks of each other's company -- because that puts both your boogies and your allegations to shame. 

A source close to the two confirms that the two just aren't into it all that much anymore, and though there was "definitely" a "fling," and it was definitely "fun," it's also definitely over. 

In light of this new development (?), now who should Miley fling with next? Our hopes are for somebody real random ... like, I don't know, Michael Bolton. That'd work for a little while. 

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