Quotables: Haley Joel Osment is Still Completely Adorable

1/21/2014 2:00 PM PST, by Sarah Taylor
So apparently somewhere between "Forrest Gump" and "The Sixth Sense" and and all of that wonderful "Kingdom Hearts" business, Haley Joel Osment grew up into this studious, smart, sweet, and completely kind of adorable 25-year-old dude who's got his head on straighter than a hell of a lot more than most people you know. Case in point, his new Reddit Ask Me Anything -- here's a few of his choice responses, some of which are tongue-in-cheek (he talks about Bruce Willis' "radiant manliness") and some of which are just amazing balls of insight and intellect. Here: 

"... Bruce's radiant manliness certainly cannot be denied. He was great to work with, and I wish I had been a little older at the time because apparently there were some pretty great Willis-DJed crew parties on the weekends at the Philadelphia Convention center."

And on his childhood:

"I think I actually got to experience a 'normal' childhood in ways most people don't expect. I went to a regular elementary school, high school, and went to university with only two work-related interruptions in those last four years. You are kind of thrust into the spotlight by being in projects like the ones we've mentioned at a young age but my parents made a tremendous effort to have a home life, education, and community that preserved the privacy and freedom kids need. It also delayed my involvement with social media until this very day (this reddit ama was my first ever tweet) and I think my desire to have almost absolute privacy protected me in my teens and early twenties (which may not have been the case if I didn't grow up that way). At 25 now I think I'm better prepared for public life in this industry."

Lots of people reading it were saying that it was the best AMA they ever read, and if we're being completely honest and not at all biased, then yes, it's the best AMA we've ever read, too. 

WE LOVE YOU HALEY! Stay amazing! 

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