Farrah Abraham is the Worst All Over Again

1/22/2014 1:00 PM PST, by
There are many, many reasons why Farrah Abraham is the worst, but this new one is the worst worst. Like, it's actually sort of reprehensible, and you'll probably hate her at least a little for this. Because guys: she got a puppy.

Not only did she get a puppy, she bought a puppy. And we could get into how important rescuing animals are as opposed to purchasing them, but instead, let's just focus on why this is a horrible decision for Farrah personally. And that is because this girl is so unbelievably bad at being responsible. She just cannot do it. For some reason, she's still allowed to take care of her daughter, but no one's going to keep an eye on that poor dog. This puppy is going to end up like the last one, wandering around in diapers because Farrah is too sorry to teach it how to poop outside. And yes, that makes her a bad person.

 Can you please stop giving us reasons to dislike you, Farrah? Pretty please?

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