LeAnn Rimes Is Too Annoying for Words (But We're Still Trying)

1/22/2014 11:00 AM PST, by
Let's just be real right here: LeAnn Rimes, no matter how great she looks, seems like she can be a gigantic, irritating, obnoxious pain in the ass. Whether you love her or hate her, that sounds like a pretty universal truth. And that's why, when LeAnn posted this little message on Twitter, we promptly rolled our eyes and groaned and thanked every single lucky star individually that we don't have to put up with LeAnn on a personal level:

Trying to learn a song & there's not really a place the fam won't be able to hear me repeating this song over and over, I'm loud!! Lol I'm sure I sound just as annoying as video games on full blast or the hunting channel blaring! HA! Here goes.... #payback

Wow, you sure showed everybody, LeAnn. Way to get back at some kids for playing some games. Goodness, how tough you are. Congrats on all the badassery.

She's never going to get a clue, is she? 

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