Look How Considerate (And Terrifying) Lindsay Lohan Is!

1/22/2014 4:00 PM PST, by
This is what Lindsay Lohan wore out on the town last night, and have you ever been more thankful/frightened so much in your entire life?! Because yes, Lindsay went outside last night, in the snow, wearing one of those weird face mask, the kind that people wear to keep from getting sick or to keep others from getting sick. We're not going to rag on Lindsay too hard for that -- har har, germs on that there mouth -- but regardless of the reason, it's a creepy look. It just is. If she has a bad cold or whatever, good on her for being conscious enough to protect other people from it, but still, this photo is probably going to star in a number of nightmares tonight. Well, tonight and forever.

Love you, Lindsay, love you forever, but please don't ever do this again. 

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