Miley's Having a Real Bad (and Annoying) Week

1/22/2014 3:00 PM PST, by
Miley Cyrus
... she sure is something else, y'all. And by "something else," obviously I mean "incredibly annoying." Because you know those people who get sick, like a cold or a touch of the flu or whatever, and they automatically refuse to discuss anything else? And then they feel like they're entitled to do whatever they want because of "I'M SICK"? Miley is one of those people. And it is awful.

Check out these tweets:

up all night to get pukey :(

I have the worst stomach flu of all time.

people talk so much s--- about people who do the exact same s--- they do. #hypocritesruleeverythingaroundme #sickandtired

Regretting all the times I wanted to be grown up as a kid #someonebabyme

everything hurts

Spaghetti-Os are all that sounds good to me.

my f---ing head hurts

sick of being sick

majorly stressing out/so much to do before #bangerztour

Listening to #bangerz all day #bedrestrehearsals

my neighbors bout to think I'm reallllllllll narcissistic. #bangerz on dem surrrrround sounnnndddd maaaa faxxxx

if your thinkin of tryin to pull some bulllllsh-tttttttt on me TODAY AINT THE DAY TO DO IT HUNNI

Pretty sure everyone gets it, Miley. You are sick, you have problems, and also you are about to take your silly album and your silly self on tour. Also, you like letters. Thank you so much for this contribution to the world. And they say music is dead!

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