Can We Please Get Psyched About "Gone Girl" Now?

1/23/2014 4:00 PM PST, by
You know, you might be personally psyched already for "Gone Girl," that delightfully terrifying novel by Gillian Flynn that's being adapted into a movie, but it's time now that we, this fishy little community as a whole, get excited about it. Because when a great book gets turned into what's looking like a blockbuster film, you know there's bound to be some fun stuff going on in there somewhere. Also, I just got done reading it and there's been some new information coming out in the past few weeks. So let's get started!

First off, there's the casting, which we've known about for a while: Ben Affleck is playing Nick, and Rosamund Pike is Amy. A lot of people have a lot of strong feelings about those choices, but you should probably have stronger feelings that the role of Andie, Nick's mistress, is being played by one of the girls from Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" video. No, really. But if that breaks your heart, just remember that Neil Patrick Harris is going to be there as poor, creepy Desi, and that should be fun.

OK, and then there's the bigger, much newer news that the movie is going to have an entirely different ending from the book. Which is pretty interesting, because -- spoiler alert -- the ending was pretty effed up. And really, the whole third act of the book is going to be different. Gillian Flynn is in charge of the screenplay as well, so we can probably trust her with her own characters and her own story, but that's kind of nerve-wracking, isn't it? And fun!

Finally, we've also just learned that Trent Reznor is doing the score, just in case the whole thing wasn't going to terrify us all already.  

Oh, and also, a photo!

So are we all adequately pumped now? Can we please share our excitement in the comments?
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