It's Time to Feel Weird About Hugh Hefner's Marriage

1/23/2014 10:00 AM PST, by
There are probably many reasons in this world to feel weird about Hugh Hefner's marriage to "Playboy" model Crystal Harris, but let's just focus on one of them right now, all right? Because yes, there's the huge age difference -- 50 years, to be exact -- and the much more troubling difference in power -- don't act like you didn't think about the fact that Hugh has tons of money and fame while Crystal is one of many, many models in his magazine -- but right now, we're going to talk about hair.

As you can see in that top photo, Crystal recently did that ombre business to her hair, adding all that dark color to her usually blonde look. And then, less than a month later, she did this:

So what, she didn't like the color? She wanted to try it out and she wasn't into it? Or is she married to one of those dudes who get really, weirdly invested in his lady's hair color. Here's what Crystal told Us Weekly:

"He gave me a hard time at first! I came home and said, 'Hef, how do you like my hair?' And he said, 'When's it going back blonde?'"

Why can't Crystal just have the hair she wants to have? Why does Hugh have to have anything to do with it? Does it seriously affect him so much that he couldn't just compliment her on it and be done with it? He married her, not her hair (I think, anyway, we should probably check the marriage certificate to be sure). It's so frustrating that this is ever even an issue.

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