And Now It's Time to Take a Sad Break for Justin Bieber

1/23/2014 4:15 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor

Justin Bieber's been arrested for DUI in Miami -- while drag racing, nonetheless -- and the only emotion I can wrangle up this morning over poor, dumb, ol' Justin Bieber is sadness. Head-shaking, saw-this-coming-and-thank-God-it-did sadness. Commence eye-rolling to be sure. 

We generally rag on Justin Bieber just as hard as anyone else, and in addition to the latest sizzurp allegations, the ragging has become founded, not just based on a personal dislike for a certain type of music or stage persona. 

However, when you really get to the root of it, you've got a 19-year-old kid in a really heartbreaking situation. A 19-year-old kid who has basically never had any rules, who never got to play like normal child, and who also happens to have a mother whose only interest is furthering her own show business career (a career that never even took off when she was on her own) by building it off the back of a son who she was pressured to abort anyway, and whose fame she capitalized on like some lurking, starving, dormant wolf. 

In addition, he's got promoters, fans, media, and all the rest depending on him -- and have been from an extremely young age -- for something, whether it's a cut of his cash, capitalization on a name, or just role model adoration. It's a lot. 

So while Justin Bieber is in your thoughts today (after you shake your head over what a bonehead douchebag he is, of course, though not so unlike what most of us might have been like -- or were like -- at 19), let's have a little bit of sympathy for the kid -- he's 19 years old, and now -- finally! -- he's Made the Big Mistake. Let's hope that he completely turns his life around after this, because if eggs and graffiti have yet to make a dent, this has just got to, right? 

It's a damn good thing you didn't kill or hurt anyone, Justin, and now the ball -- once more -- is your court. Do something positive with it and start afresh, all right kid? 

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