1/23/2014 9:19 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Jeremy Bieber -- Justin Bieber's father -- is at least partially, if not almost completely, responsible for his son's DUI arrest, and definitely has had a pretty heavy hand in helping to ruin both Justin Bieber's childhood and adolescent life. 

Last night, while a lot of the world slept, Justin Bieber partied hard, and our sources say that Jeremy Bieber was there throughout the duration -- the drinking, the drug-taking, the street racing, and was even confirmed to have helped coordinate the blocking of city streets for his son's drunken drag racing. ... Yet still people say "it's not the fault of parents." 

To be clear, then, it's, what, OK for a 38-year-old man who should know better to participate in -- and, worse, encourage -- his or her offspring's reckless behavior? Give the green light on actions that could result in the death of his or her own child or maybe another innocent person? Fine to make decisions that could alter, ruin, or end peoples' lives? WRONG. 

Wrong. No father -- or person, for that matter -- of any moral fiber (especially one who claims to be heavily enveloped in religion or spirituality) would ever consider condoning this kind of behavior in any underaged teenager, let alone one that he, himself, sired. 

The moral of the story is that Justin Bieber -- though an adult and ultimately responsible for his own actions -- is a product of his environment, and it's sadly, maddeningly apparent that his environment was and is no damn good.

Watch out for the poor little girl, next -- surely Jeremy Bieber can help sabotage her life, too, should he get the chance. After all, isn't it a parent's dream to see their child in such a state:


Hindsight is 20/20, and apparently this is a person who should have never made the decision to accidentally-or-not accidentally become a parent to begin with. Nobody's saying that Justin didn't deserve the chance to be born, because that's absurdly dumb, but what we are saying is that Jeremy Bieber is a piss-poor parent and his card should be revoked.  

Do better, parents. Do better, because this kind of behavior from you -- and from your idiot bonehead children -- is completely unacceptable. There are 7.04 billion other people on this planet, and they matter just as much as you do, in case you might have forgotten.
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