Suri Cruise is Just the Most

1/23/2014 7:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Despite being Tom Cruise's actual, biological daughter -- a thing that she'll get over that some day, to be sure -- Suri Cruise is, by far, the most adorable of all celebrity offspring, and this photo of her frolicking in the New York City snow proves that notion. 

This is your (little) girl Suri in full happy kid-mode doing regular, non-super famous celebrity kid stuff, and isn't it refreshing? Isn't Katie Holmes doing such a great job rearing her little dopplelganger? And speaking of which, when is that "Dawson's Creek" reunion happening, anyhow? Pretty soon Suri's gonna be stepping into her mom's shoes if someone doesn't get this damn thing off the ground already. 

You're adorable and precious, Suri -- stay that way for as long as you can, OK? And don't ever let anyone call you a "b---h," because everybody knows you're a doll and you're NOT: 

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