Aaaaaaand We Spoke Too Soon

1/23/2014 3:00 PM PST, by
Oh, the sad, strange saga of Tila Tequila will never, ever end, friends. Just yesterday, we were hopeful that Tila was starting to get better after she shut down her blog, but today, all hopes are dashed, because apparently she shut down her blog just to focus her attention on Facebook again. She was banned back in December, remember, but the ban has been lifted, and Tila is back to posting her nonsensical ramblings. For example:

These b----es ain't got no game, and I ain't eva gonna fit in. Yo holla at me keepin it hardcore triple X like a pornstar. Wutchu know about that? Fallback cuz you don't want nun from me... aigggght. Lil' Missy here about done. I'll come back for you Son, but for now I'm off to that durtay Souf Side..... no not over there where you thought, but over here so everclear. Me and My Girlfriend... is all I need in this life of sin. I don't make sense to the shallow and the blind, but to those hearts realer than wine I got you on my dime. False realities I ain't mad at ya... maybe one day I'll come back when I'm done blastin' ya! - T 

All right, so what the hell was that? Is Tila rapping on Facebook? Is that a thing that people do? How can we get them to stop? It's not a great sign either way, is it?

Please get better for real, Tila Tequila. Please?
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