Farrah Abraham Won't Stop Giving Us Reasons to Loathe Her

1/24/2014 9:00 AM PST, by
Just when you thought it wasn't possible to despise Farrah Abraham any more than you already do, BOOM, there she is to prove you wrong. So incredibly, disgustingly wrong. Because in case you hadn't picked up on it yet, Farrah is kind of the absolute worst.

This specific tale of idiocy and shame comes to us from Twitter, where Farrah spent last night ranting and raving about the latest episode of "Couples Therapy." She was annoyed about a lot of things, like the fact that no one believes her sob story about her "leaked" "sex tape," and she even got so angry at one point to use such serious hashtags as "LOSERS" and "LIERS," but the real doozy came when she tweeted this: Seriously, Farrah? It's kind of silly to expect maturity from someone who's trying (and failing) to passive aggressively tweet about her reality show, but she really couldn't have said "some people" instead of "some lesbians"? Does she think no one catches that extra, weird little bit of shade? And doesn't it just tickle you to hear her talk about ignorance right after that little dash of homophobia?

You're the worst, Farrah. Congratulations. You earned it.

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