Sorry, We Still Don't Like Kaley Cuoco's Husband

1/25/2014 11:30 AM PST, by
Look, it's not like we actively try to make up reasons why Kaley Cuoco's sketchy new husband, Ryan Sweeting, is sketchy, it's just that he proves his own sketchiness, time and again, all by himself. And then we document it, because Kaley is a precious, hilarious flower that deserves nothing but perfection. I mean, look at that photo of them. Look at it. They haven't even been married for a month yet, and that's the happiest look they can muster? Really?

For more sketchiness though, Ryan went and gave a big, gushy quote about Kaley and their marriage, so let's check that out:

"It's amazing. We love it. It actually hasn't been much different. Just our whole outlook on life is a lot more positive. We couldn't be happier. It's the best moments of my life ... Because I've never felt that feeling before really. The second I got here I didn't want to go home. We spent every minute together and I still haven't left. I think my decision-making is a lot easier. I definitely just do whatever makes her happy."

OK, that actually does sound kind of sweet, but the red flags won't stop coming. Their whole story is just so weird, and hopefully it really is one of those special stories of love at first sight, and hopefully they really are happy and in love, and hopefully they'll be together forever. But the creeper vibes just won't stop with this one.

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