Beyonce Out-Trashed Miley Cyrus Last Night

1/27/2014 4:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor

It's a damn good thing Miley Cyrus opted to stay home and play Guitar Hero last night instead of going to the Grammys, because the world wouldn't be able to stand all the raunch in one place in one single night.

Beyonce's opening performance of "Drunk in Love" was, at best, self-indulgent and grasping at straws. At worst, it was inappropriate, more offensive than Miley's VMA performance, and generally sad. 

The fact of the matter is that girlfriend is just past her musical prime. We don't care about all the single ladies anymore. We don't need to see what Beyonce looks like in a thong any longer, because like Miley's overexposed vulva has taken us to new heights. And twerking? So passé

Truth be told, Beyonce can't even sing to the degree that she used to be able to anymore. She shrills off-key and mutters instead, and relies on shock factor, sex, and visual stimulants to get people talking about her performances. 

In short, Beyonce is basically over. We never thought we'd be longing for the days of Miley Cyrus and her Beetlejuice twerking, and honestly, if Miley had pulled off last night's performance instead of Beyonce, she'd never live it down. Woe betide she who encourages us to defend Miley Cyrus over basically anything.

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