Love It or Leave It: Why Even Bother, Rihanna?

1/27/2014 9:00 AM PST, by
So this is what Rihanna wore over the weekend to a pre-Grammy party, and it's just ... why? Why is this happening at all? Rihanna looks gorgeous, as always, but it looks like she's just wearing a fancy robe. It's not even like this dress looks like a robe, but I think it could be an actual robe, and someone made a couple stitches at the hip so she wouldn't have to tie it, and then here we are. And really, what the hell is that?

Look, we get that Rihanna is sexy. We get that she has a nice body, and that's her whole thing. But where does it end? There's nothing remotely fashionable about this dress, it's not even trying to be fashionable, the whole point is just to show off her body. And that's sad. If that's going to be her entire identity, she could at least wear something tight, or something sheer. Or, you know, something that is an actual dress and not some silk robe she got at a lingerie shop.

Verdict: leave it. Love it, for sure, for lounging around the house or whatnot, but leave it for public. Why does this need to be a discussion? 

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