This is EXACTLY What's Wrong With Justin Bieber

1/27/2014 12:00 PM PST, by Sarah Taylor


Steven Tyler
, though a nice man, has been to rehab several times in his life. Steven Tyler has almost died a few times, too, by rumor, and yet Steven Tyler feels qualified to tell Justin Bieber that his personal problems are totally no big deal because he's the "biggest" pop star in the whole entire world (oh God, his words, not mine), and that is sickening.

See, it's this kind of person that Justin Bieber needs to purge from his life. People like Steven Tyler, and people likely like his very own father. It's this kind of person who should be ashamed of himself because inappropriate comments to 19-year-olds who have zero grasp on reality to begin with are way out of place in this day and age. It's this kind of person who should just be keeping their mouth shut, because encouraging -- or justifying -- bad behavior from anybody is ridiculous.

They don't make musicians like they used to, friends -- Justin probably can't handle half of what Steven probably went through, and in the very same breath, Steven needs to cut this crap out. The end. 

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