Gabrielle Union Loves to Poop, Hates to Be Considerate

1/29/2014 2:00 PM PST, by
You are never even going to believe this, but Gabrielle Union -- the heartbreakingly beautiful, infinitely gorgeous Gabrielle Union -- is really, really into pooping. No, I know, it's weird, but it's true. We know because Gabrielle was on "Chelsea Lately" last night, and she talked about it. She talked about it a lot.

Gabrielle said -- and you're just going to love this -- that she's on a "high fiber diet," so she poops a lot. But like, a lot. She said that when she first started dating her fiancée, Dwyane Wade, that  "there was none of that, 'I don't fart, I don't poop.' I'm gonna be in there!" And by "in there," she meant in the bathroom. Pooping.

OK, and now here's what she says she told her fella after they got engaged:

"Oh by the way, I go three times a day and I leave the door open! And I don't light a match." 

Well, good for you, girl. You do what you love, and no one can fault you for that. But do you have to insist on leaving the door open? Does that absolutely have to be a thing? Otherwise, you do you, and just know that this doesn't stop you from being one of the most stunning ladies on the entire planet. 
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