Kirk Cameron Just Needs to Stop Hating Already

1/29/2014 7:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Kirk Cameron has never been shy about his points of view against homosexuality, and naturally, with the Grammys and all that gay-marryin' that happened, Kirk took the opportunity to shill his stuff in the name of the Lord money, and threw some gay-bashing barbs in along with it. Here's our friend's latest Facebook update regarding the Grammys: 

So in short, Kirk Cameron is using his poisonous, bigoted point of view to -- wait for it, wait for it! -- not further the kingdom of God, but to sell movies. His movies, specifically. Nobody's saying that Kirk can't air his grievances against same-sex marriages, because free speech and all that, but nobody's saying that we can't call him on his BS either -- and this silliness about promoting movies in the name of the "assault" on traditional family. 

What an honorable dude. 

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