Even the Good Jokes About Justin Bieber Make Him Look Lame

1/31/2014 2:00 PM PST, by Sarah Taylor

Guys, this is what Justin Bieber's been reduced to -- being mocked and made the butt of jokes by comedians on late night television. That's all he's got. Granted, it's big name comedians like Bill Burr, and on big name late-night television shows, like that of Conan O'Brien's, but this is it -- Justin Bieber has sabotaged his life (and allowed others to sabotage his life) to the point of no return. It doesn't get any worse than this, friends, and unfortunately, for Justin, it's not gonna get any better. 

Check out the video for the colossal joke made at Bieber's expense -- if, you know, the fact that Justin's career is now a colossal joke isn't funny/sad enough as it is.
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