'Tis the Decade of Hot Britney and Annoying Gaga

2/3/2014 4:10 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
If you can believe it, Lady Gaga had the steel gonads to share this epic photo on her Little Monsters website, and what's more is that Britney Spears looks completely, unbelievably gorgeous ... which is why it's so hard to believe that Gaga would intentionally repost this particular picture. Normally Lady Gaga is all about the focus on Lady Gaga, and not much else. We win for today, guys! 

Britney, naturally, looks amazing. It's the fittest, fabbest, and most fu ... well, she's hot, guys. She looks great. She looks a sight better than Lady Gaga if we absolutely must compare the two, and why not -- Lady Gaga practically made a whole entire career out of trying to garner comparisons to other prolific pop stars, right? Why can't we? 

Who'd your rather -- Britney or Lady G? 

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