We Get It -- You Have Sex, LeAnn Rimes, Whee

2/3/2014 6:15 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
LeAnn Rimes
If that picture doesn't scream "sex!" like some kind of shrill, country-singin' harpy, then the only thing that ever could would be a video -- with audio -- that might have been filmed during the taking of this photo. And lucky for us, that is not the case, because to my knowledge, no such video exists ... at the moment, anyway. Count your blessings, friends. Count them one by one. 

This is LeAnn Rimes' latest foray into trying to convince the public that she and Eddie Cibrianare madly in love, and if the photo doesn't speak for itself (butt sex?), then maybe the caption will. Maybe:  There you have it, friends. Just, you know, another lovey-dovey day on the beach within the Rimes/Cibrian household. You're welcome, and I'm sorry. 

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