This Better Be Constipation and Not Botox, LeAnn Rimes

2/4/2014 6:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
LeAnn Rimes is in the throes of filming her reality show, "LeAnn is Obsessed With Eddie and Will Never Let Him Go/Boil His Bunny," or whatever it's going to be called, and this is your girl surfing while on vacation in Hawaii. However, something seems amiss -- the photo on the right is a selfie that LeAnn posted yesterday, and when I first saw this picture, I immediately thought, "Man, that is one angry-looking brow," but dismissed it. 

Today, when the other -- professional -- photos of her vacation came in, the very same thought came to mind: why is LeAnn's brow so stiff and ticked-looking? 

Did she? Didn't she? How about we sit around and just collectively hope she didn't, because while we don't generally have a whole lot of positive things to say about this lady, she is quite beautiful and does have a natural appeal to her face that surgery or injectables could only mar. 


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