Ugh, GOD, WTF Cara Delevingne?

2/6/2014 9:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Cara Delevingne is famous for being a Victoria's Secret model, and one of the reasons that Keira Knightley killed herself in "Anna Karenina," and also for allegedly dating Michelle Rodriguez, who is an apparent trainwreck at the moment. It happens -- we're known for different things throughout our lives all the time, and right now it's Cara's fate to be recalled for those things as well as having a friendship with the skeezy Rihanna

Now, however, we can add "has an awful grill that makes her teeth look dirty and decrepit" to the list, because that picture up there; that photo of Cara's new grill? It's basically the most awful thing she could be remembered for. 

Way to go, girl. Get on with your bad, decrepit mouth for sure. 


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