Mila Kunis Without Makeup Is Going to Blow Your Whole Entire MIND

2/7/2014 8:00 AM PST, by
Well, OK, Mila Kunis without makeup probably isn't going to blow your whole entire mind, you know, since she usually doesn't wear makeup in her day-to-day life and if you read celebrity gossip, you've pretty much definitely seen one of those adorable pictures of her out and about, fresh faced and in sweatpants, but still, this is pretty notable. Because this is an actual ad, this was an actual choice that someone made, to leave out all the makeup and the airbrushing and to feature Mila just as she is. And that is incredible.

Here's what Mila said about the ad for Gemfields, a supplier of colored gemstones:

"When we talked through the direction and that the focus was on natural beauty - which really meant no make-up, no blow day and no retouching - I have to say I was a little anxious. Peter [Lindbergh, the photographer] has a way of making you feel bare and raw, but in a funny way it's the most beautiful I have ever felt on a photo shoot."

Wonderful, because it's probably the most beautiful she's ever looked on a photo shoot, too.

Let's just do more of this, OK? This no makeup, no retouching thing. Wouldn't that be so much better for everyone involved, including the people who look at these photos? Of course it would. So let's just look at how gorgeous and perfect Mila is, and let's hope for a lot more of that in the world. Sound good? 

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