Natural Nicki Minaj Is The BEST Nicki Minaj

2/7/2014 12:00 PM PST, by
Nicki Minaj
is usually one of the most annoying people in the business, but today, she's ... well, OK, she's still a little annoying, but at least she looks phenomenal. See, she posted this photo on Instagram, along with the caption "No perm. No extensions." So yes, this is Nicki without all that wacky hair we're used to, in just a simple t-shirt instead of the flashy costumes, and in light makeup (if you can look past that eyeliner) instead of the cartoony look she usually goes for. It's pretty damn fantastic, really.

But, of course, she also had to post one of those "look at my boobs now" photos she's so fond of:

Nope, it's still good! Because, regardless of all the ridiculousness, Nicki is a very pretty lady, it's just that this way, you can see her face without wigs and cleavage getting in the way. It's a great look for her, it really is.

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