Memo to Courtney Stodden: This Needs to Stop Yesterday

2/10/2014 4:30 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Courtney Stodden
If you can tear yourself away from Courtney Stodden's massive, heaving, protrusive cleavage, then you might notice something a little different a lot horrible -- it would appear that girlfriend got her lips re-re-re-done, and the result is nearing the threshold of horrifying. 

Courtney posted the selfie with the phrase, "Love my lippie!" and one might suppose that we're to assume that she's referring to her lips, and not necessarily her boobs, because who in this life calls tatas "lippies," right? 

In either case, Courtney needs to get over this fascination with augmentation of all sorts -- bigger is not always better, and this photo is concrete, iron-clad proof. 

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